Coinbase welcomes Compound to its platform


Coinbase announced support for the COMP project, the decentralized funding token, or DeFi, of Compound.

„Coinbase customers can now buy, sell, convert, send, receive or store COMP. COMP will be available to customers in all regions supported by Coinbase, with the exception of New York State,“ the exchange said in a June 25 post.

COMP’s price rose 25% after its surprise appearance on the Binance platform

The company has included the token in, with support for the use of mobile applications on iPhone and Android, detailed the announcement.

Coinbase Pro now includes Compound
Built on the Etheruem block chain, Compound offers another option for cryptomoney based loans within the industry.

Coinbase Pro listed COMP on June 23, based on a June 18 announcement.

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Coinbase has close ties with Crypto Cash, as the team invested in the project in 2018, and still has a COMP exchange as of June 25, according to the blog’s announcement.

The post points out:

„Coinbase intends to maintain its investment in Compound for the foreseeable future and maintains internal policies that address the timing of permissible disposition of its digital assets, including COMP tokens.